"The Skinny"

OUR OVENS - are old school.   Brick ovens make the best pizzas.  Cooking temperatures are roughly 600 degrees.   Leave the cooking to us.

OUR DOUGH - made fresh in each of our restaurants. We use four simple ingredients.  Flour (premium quality baker's flour milled from cleaned sound hard wheat). Yeast (live, the real stuff). Sea Salt (straight from the source). Water (filtered).

GLUTEN FREE CRUSTS - made fresh in our restaurants. We use four simple ingredients.  
Italian Polenta (no GMO's). Basil. Sea Salt. Water.

OUR SAUCE - made fresh in each of our restaurants.  We use four simple ingredients.  California Vine Ripened Tomatoes.  
Basil (our name says it).  Garlic.  Sea Salt.

OUR CHEESES - all fresh. Mozzarella, low moisture - part skim.  Imported Parmesan - grated from wheels. Imported Feta.  Imported Goat.

FRESH VEGETABLES - We use Community Supported Agriculture (Grant Farms - Grantfarms.com)

CANNED VEGETABLES - We use the highest quality.

CHICKEN - antibiotic free.  Marinated in house and roasted to perfection.

SAUSAGE - 100% pork.  Seasoned with Italian spices.

PEPPERONI - hot & spicy.  Patiently aged to peak flavor.

GROUND BEEF - 80% lean.  Seasoned.

CLAMS - 100% natural.  Fresh/Frozen.

CANADIAN BACON - 100% pork shank.

SALAD DRESSING - Balsamic Vinaigrette.  Made fresh in our restaurants.  Italian Extra Virgin Olive oil.
Imported Balsamic Vinegar.  Signature combination of spices.

All of our ingredients and products are:  ALL Natural.  NO Additives.  NO Sugar (except for a little bit in our Salad Dressing).  
NO Preservatives.   NO Weird Chemicals.