Specialty Pizzas


Basil Doc’s Pizza’s “Fresh *Green* Neighbor- hood” mission moves ahead with GLUTEN FREE pizza. Basil Doc’s polenta crust is our gour- met gluten free option. Our hand-crafted polenta crusts are made daily-never frozen, no preservatives, no sugar, no trans-fat or added oils-just healthy ingredients. Our GLUTEN FREE (polenta crust) pizzas can be a “CreateYour Own” or one of our specialty pizzas.


Gluten Free Pizzas are offered in one size only, a 10-inch personal size pizza. 

Small Specialty Red/White
Gluten Free Pizza
(10", 6 slices)
+ Santa Fe, El Paso, Supreme and Big Wheel $15.00



“Our dough has no sugar, oil, trans fats or preservatives. It is FRESH, traditional, European and Artisan! Every batch is made from scratch in each restaurant and never frozen. All of our ingredients and products are: ALL Natural, NO Additives, NO Sugar (except for a little bit in our Salad Dressing). NO Preservatives, NO Weird Chemicals.”

- Mike Miller, Owner